There were no mobile phones in 1993!
This Jurassic Park computer simulator works best on a desktop computer.
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Fence failure !
Fence failure !
Fence failure !
Fence failure !
Major Malfunction !
Tour Running
Tour Surveillance
VIEW: TBA where2 ba chase3
Isla Nublar, Costa Rica
Vehicle Tour Power Time
vehicle status headlights on 12 Not Responding Vehicle type:
Ford explorer
exp 4
exp 5
exp 6
exp 7
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Glitches Maps System Emerg.
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Eugeno Remirez-mechanic
  • Muffler Bearings frozen
  • Drive Trainer- Brian Elliot
  • Headlights On
  • Wind Main Clutch Belt
Trash MiniArray 1 G MiniArray 1 G Macintosh HD